FREE March Book of the Month: Why Trust Jesus?

This past Christmas I received a Kindle (thanks Mom and Dad), and the first book I chose to read on it was Why Trust Jesus? by Dave Sterrett. I was not disappointed with my choice. It is an excellent book, so imagine my excitement when I discovered that it is free on Kindle during Holy Week (the week between Palm and Easter Sunday).

In Why Trust Jesus? Dave looks at common intellectual and experiential questions we all have on Jesus’ reliability. The subtitle of the book summarizes this well: “An honest look at doubts, plans, hurts, desires, fears, questions, and pleasure.” Why should we trust Jesus in the midst of competing ideas, ideals, and emotional options?

Dave frames his discussion around the concept of trust, quickly pointing out what he means by this word we are so familiar with.

Trust is confidence; it is a conviction of the reliability of something or someone. As human beings, we have a longing in our souls to trust someone. Even though many of us have been hurt and misled by friends, family members, or leaders we once respected, we still have a craving – a deep desire for something that we can believe in, for someone in whom we can trust.

Yet Dave acknowledges that many people have both intellectual barriers and experiential doubts that keep them from confidence in Jesus.  This, in my opinion, is one of the great strengths of the book. Not only are intellectual barriers addressed, but emotional or experiential ones are as well. This enables the book’s message to resonate with the person as a whole, touching both the head and the heart. In a culture that tends to swing to extremes, either focusing solely on one’s mind or solely on one’s feelings, having a book that engages them both is refreshing. It demonstrates that our head and heart are not as separated as we like to think.

Why Trust Jesus? looks at nine common objections one may have that would cause them to question Jesus Christ’s veracity. For example, why should someone trust Jesus when there are so many other spiritual paths? Why can’t we just trust ourselves to make things right? What about suffering? How can someone trust Jesus if they are not sure God exists? And let’s be honest, many of us simply don’t see our need for Jesus. Life is going just fine without him.

Dave engages these questions with honesty that enables the reader to relate to what he is saying on a personal level. As you interact with the questions and his responses, it’s more like sitting with someone over a cup of coffee than in an academic lecture. At the same time the book deals with many complex theological and philosophical ideas in an understandable way, without dumbing down their content.

With Easter on Sunday, and The Bible Series’ popularity on the History Channel, Jesus has been prominently placed in front of our culture’s view. Now is the perfect time to dive into this book’s message and decide whether you can and should trust Jesus. Click here to receive your free copy.

What about you? If you have read this book, what did you think? What are some reasons you do or do not trust in Jesus?


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