Religious Pluralism’s Creed

Religious Pluralism is a very common belief in our world today. It holds that all religions are fundamentally the same and valid, teaching the same message and achieving the same religious goals. In other words, all religions are correct. All paths lead to Rome. All journeys lead to the top of the same mountain.

This belief system has led me to ask, if Religious Pluralism in our culture had a creed what would it look like? What would it affirm? I think it might look something like this.

“I believe there exists only one God. This one God is many gods and doesn’t exist. I believe this material world, which is all there is, is an illusion. Human life has value and meaning, which means human life is meaningless and has no value. Humanity is basically good, so humanity does a lot of really bad things, which is basically wrong. There is no heaven or hell, but Hitler and Stalin are in hell while Gandhi and Mother Teresa are in heaven.  I believe Jesus historically lived, died, rose again, and is the Son of God. During that time he was a nice guy and a prophet, but not the Son of God. He was a myth made up by his followers who lied about his mythical death by stealing his fake body; the same body that wasn’t Jesus but someone else who died in his place because the one God, who doesn’t exist as many and all, rescued him at the last minute. I believe that we are all right, and that anyone who disagrees with me is wrong. Amen.”

What do you think? What would, or should, Religious Pluralism’s creed affirm?


2 thoughts on “Religious Pluralism’s Creed

  1. I believe you should strengthen that next-to-last sentence.

    ” I believe that the beliefs of others are not just equally valid, but equally true – until such beliefs contradict my own. Then they’re just flat out wrong man, and the person who holds them is stupid, evil, both or worse.”

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